Why Choose Bamboo Socks

Why Choose Bamboo Socks

Socks are socks, right?  Well, not really.  Compression socks help with circulation to the lower limbs and feet.  Sports socks help to prevent blisters by stopping the wearer's feet sliding around their footwear.  Bamboo socks provide the wearer with a whole myriad of benefits.  Here are just four:


For All Seasons

During hot summer months, bamboo socks will help your feet breathe and stay dry whereas in the cold winter months they help to trap heat and insulate your feet.  This is because bamboo fiber is thermo-regulating.  Bamboo socks are perfect for all temperatures


Those who suffer from skin allergies will be very happy to know they can wear bamboo socks without fearing an allergic reaction as bamboo is a non-allergenic substance


Because bamboo fibers absorb up to 4x as much as moisture as traditional cotton socks.  Smelly feet result from dampness in socks which allows bacteria to grow.  Because bamboo socks absorb much more moisture, bacteria find it much more difficult to grow and flourish


Bamboo socks are akin to silk in how they feel when worn because they contain far fewer of the synthetic materials found in traditional that can be bothersome to our skin.  This means fewer blisters and better overall foot health


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